Why dine with us

Irish cuisine

Surprisingly, there are only a handful of Irish restaurants in Ireland today, and even at that, most of them cater to tourists with predictable staples such as bacon & cabbage. Although we like bacon, cabbage & our friend the potato, we feel there is far more to Irish cuisine than 3 or 4 ingredients.


We have scoured historical records, searched through shipping log books, and have our own Irish family recipes dating back generations. We have studied what was available at markets (from monastic journals of 15th century Dublin), what the poor along the coast ate, or the wealthy during times of celebration. All of this information is used to create our take on genuine, indiginous Irish cuisine.


Brining, smoking & pickling were used as preservation methods centuries ago. Turf logs, cut from the bogs of Ireland were used to fuel fires, but also to add flavour during the smoking of fish & meat. We too, use turf logs to smoke our fish at Seven Social & incorporate pickled food throughout the menu.


Rare grains such as knotweed & goosefoot, abundant in Ireland centuries ago, are a rare sight now. We have managed to source these grains. We use them to make pastry, breads & scones; just as they would have been used in the 16th-19th century. The butter we use in this process is also hand churned by us, as would have been done in the past.

Annual pagan & religious celebrations signalled a time to cook a specific cake, such as "chewette" or "barm brack". You will find up to date interpretations of these traditional Irish dishes on our menus.


Wild game such as deer, squirrel, rabbit & hedgehog were widely eaten in the past, and in very creative ways. The hedgehog is a protected animal, so we do not serve them, but you will regularly find the other 3 animals on our menu prepared in ways that keep with Irish medieval tradition.


Along with incorporating past traditions & rare Irish ingredients, we feature modern artisan Irish products on our menu. These range from farmhouse cheese to small batch organic stout. Kerry pippen apples grown in Antrim, to unfiltered honeycomb from Tipperary.


Everything you see on our menu has Irish origin or was a product that was available on the medieval markets of Ireland since the 15th Century, thus making its way into our tradition & food heritage. All of the food is prepared in a way that honours the cooking traditions of this land, be it brining, smoking or slow caldron cooking.


We hope you enjoy our individual, award winning take on Irish cuisine.

Our wine list

As members of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers, both owners are wine educators and enthusiasts.

We believe we have one of the best value and most interesting wine lists in the country.

Our winelst is made up of only organic, biodynamically produced or 100% natural wines.


We actively source our wines from family owned vineyards where all grapes are hand harvested. In many cases, donkeys are used instead of machinery to take the grapes to be processsed.

There is always an intriguing story behind each wine. At one organic vineyard in Spain, the grapes must be picked in the dark, just before dawn, to be sure the grapes are at their peak. At another winery in the Languedoc, they have been using the same methods of vinification through 8 generations for 400 years. In most cases, the wines are all single estate, giving more concentration of flavour and true taste of the terroir.


All producers featured on our list use only their own grapes in the production of their wines. Knowing where the grapes come from is very important to us. It is common practice for wineries around the world to buy grapes from other producers in their local, then blend the grapes to produce wine. As purists, we feature only wineries that use their own grapes. Provedence of our wine is just as important to us as provedence of the food we serve.


Most restaurants charge high prices for their wine. At Seven Social our aim is to let you enjoy cracking wines at low prices. Across all price points, we put very low margin on wines. Some of the wines on our list feature nowhere else in Ireland. Quality wine, terroir & value for money should speak above all else.

Changing menus
Our menu changes weekly. We like to tailor the menu to the natural food abundant in that month, the changing Irish weather & the palate of our customers. Meaning you will always be able to try something new when you dine with us. If you had a favourite item last time you visited, ask us and we may be able to make it for you. Alternatively, we update twitter & facebook with new menu options.
Organic / biodynamic / indiginous

All food is made fresh in Seven Social. We do not buy frozen or pre-packed produce of any kind. We make EVERYTHING from scratch - that includes our mayonnaise, salsa, desserts, ice cream & sorbet. Our meat & fish is wild or organic in origin & always Irish. We refuse to use foods tainted by GMO crops & pesticides.


Our wine list features, natural, organic & biodynamic wines. Many are single estate with the majority hand harvested. We try to feature indiginous grapes - that is, grapes that are native to the area the wine is grown. For example, assyrtiko grapes are native to Santorini, Grillo grapes are native to Sicily & Viura to Spain. All of these and many more indiginous, hard to find local grapes are featured on our list.


Conventional crop industries use health threatening chemicals for crop production. At Seven Social we care about our consumers' health; therefore we are committed to using top quality organic & natural vegetables & grains. Our commitment to support organic produce is a matter of health and social concern.

You can also be assured of the providence of the meat served at Seven Social. We serve pork, lamb and beef reared organically in Cork, Carlow & Tipperary. The animals we source are reared, then slaughtered by the farmers who cared for them. No brines or preservatives are added.

Home grown vegetables & sourcing locally

We grow many of our own herbs & salad leaves in our home vegetable garden. In season we have a selection of root vegetables & some fruit. All of our home grown produce is used in our restaurant. Even though many people want to eat food that is sourced locally, surprisingly fruit & vegetable suppliers import 80% of their goods from countries such as Kenya, Spain & Egypt. Besides dried beans & exotic spices, all of our produce is from Irish shores. We are sticklers about this so you will not see fruit on our menu that is out of season. It doesn’t taste as good as seasonal fruit, but sourcing locally also keeps our carbon footprint low and supports local business; in turn, building a better economic infrastructure for us to live in.

Sherry, port, sweet wines

In addition to our wine list, you can sample “en rama” sherries from salty to sweet, aged port and a selection of sweet & fortified wines by the glass. These are always scribbled on our chalk boards with food pairing suggesstions & tasting notes. The chalk board list changes monthly.


GMO free
Few people know what is happening with genetically modified foods, how they affect humans and what they are doing to the environment. We are not going to explain the damage they are doing to us or our eco-systems, but we have attached a link to a video that will explain the overall picture of GMO crops for you & why it is wise to avoid them. We do not use food produced from GMO crops at Seven Social.
Ancient grains & super foods

We source organic super foods from Ireland’s Raw Kitchen, Galway, Ireland. These amazingly beneficial foods are included across our menu. You are eating super foods when you dine with us that increase your brain power, regenerate your cells & promote positive development from the inside out.

Included are: chai seeds, mulberries, inca berries, chlorella, ashwagandha root, lucuma fruit, bee pollen, raw cocoa, coconut oil & apricot kernels. They are incorporated in inventive ways, through ice creams, sauces & marinades.


We also promote the use of ancient & rare grains. You can enjoy buckwheat pastry desserts, pearl barley risottos, spelt bread, and grains such as millet, quinoa & amaranth.


Close to tourist attractions
We are in a triangle of the top tourist attractions of Ireland. Five minutes in each direction you can reach all of the following: National Museum Collins Barracks, Dublin Zoo, Guinness Storehouse, St Michan’s Crypt, Jameson Distillery.


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