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What is natural wine & why are we so passionate about it?

You need to know just about every wine you have ever drank has unnatural chemical yeasts added (to make a merlot taste like a generic merlot for example), is filtered & clarified in an unnatural way - again using chemicals, has preservatives added (to make sure it travels well & lasts on the off licence shelf), has buckets of sulphur added, and the grapes are almost always sprayed with dangerous pestisides that can harm us. The wine has been crucified before it has even made it to the bottle. We believe (and we're not alone) what you have been tasting all these years is not real wine.


Natural wines are made in small quantities by artisan (sometimes eccentric!) independent wine producers. Made only from organically (or biodynamically) grown grapes in low-yielding vineyards and then vinified without sulphur, sugar, artificial yeasts, enzymes or other adjustments. Most natural wines are neither filtered nor fined.


Natural wines tend to be made by the curious, the intense and the committed: people who like to push boundaries and who think of wine as an art form, not a mass-produced beverage.

Natural wine is simply positioning an alternative way of making wines that doesn’t involve chucking in loads of additives or stripping out naturally-occurring flavours. A nostalgic snapshot of what wine was like before hi-tech got involved. In essence – the way wine should be.


To capture the spirit of the vineyard and the flavour of the grape, one has to let go. Natural wine is the freedom to get it wrong, and the freedom to get it very right indeed. It relishes and embraces the contradictions and dangers inherent in not being in control.


It is our belief that natural wine tastes alive, as opposed to commercial wine tasting of chemicals & “dead” in a sense. Once you’ve been turned on to the charm of natural wine, you will find reverting back to mass produced commercial wine out of the question.


Those who make/drink/love natural wines don’t mark them out of 100 because that scale is too limiting (darling, I love you, I award you 97 points); and rarely, if ever, are natural wines submitted to international tasting competitions.


There are little to no natural wines available on the Irish market – we aim to change that. We want people to drink without fear or favour, not worry about right and wrong, leave critical judgement on hold, and enjoy wine in its most naked, pure form. You will fall in love.

The Bridgestone Guide, Review of Seven Social - Nov 2014

Emma Bowe of Seven Social is one of the most radical cooks in the city, and Seven Social is one of the hottest destinations in town, an avant-garde roller-coaster.




Emma of Seven Social has never taken an easy path.  The premises was opened in a former hairdressers on a street with one of the worst reputations in the city with little passing trade, a major risk for a cook with no formal culinary education, just lots of enthusiasm. And it’s worked, simply because Emma has a wild imagination, and simply because she is such a fine cook. She will serve a pumpkin soup, and throw in some smoked octopus. She will make a grey squirrel tartlet that was so good Leslie Williams planned on getting out his old air rifle & heading to bushy park pronto. But the real key to the squirrel tartlet is actually a pastry made with knotweed flour & Abernethy butter, and it is in these funky improvisations that the chefs brilliance is best seen: polenta barm brack, an intense ice cream made with blood orange, cinnamon, poitin, rum & red wine. Her dish of razor clams with saffron, sorrel, chilli & breadcrumbs is a modern day classic, but most of what is coming out of this wild & vivacious kitchen is deserving of classic status. Seven Social has gone from promising to vital in no time, so don’t miss it.


Seven Social is included in the McKenna Bridgestone Guide 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland 2014.

So what is the #dinnerdeal ?

Here's how it works!


We run a monthly #dinnerdeal through social media. We post the offer on our facebook & twitter accounts. You must follow us to see the deal. If you want to avail of the offer, you must like the post, share it, and then tweet or message us your contact number & time request, It's that simple! We'll reply with confirmation of your booking.

f: sevensocial    t: @SevenSocialDub


The offer varies each month but always represents great value for money. You can avail of upto 50% off what you would usually pay. The last  #dinnerdeal, for example, was 50euro for 2 people - 2 courses each & 525ml of organic wine included (with choice of full food menu & 8 wines).


PLEASE NOTE: the  #dinnerdeal can only be availed of if booked in advance through facebook or twitter. Walk-in customers cannot avail of this offer. The  #dinnerdeal offer is available all night & not restricted to earlybird times. Due to high demand, early booking is advised once you see the post online.


So what are you waiting for - follow our facebook & twitter to enjoy a high quality, cheap night out!



Awards received 2014

We are pleased to be recognised for the contribution we make in promoting indiginous Irish cuisine.


New Awards:




Grey squirrel chewette, knotweed pastry, Abernethy hand churned butter, brick dried cherries.




Best Chef - Seven Social.

National Restaurant Awards 2014, Restaurant Association of Ireland.


Best Casual Dining - Seven Social.

National Restaurant Awards 2014, Restaurant Association of Ireland.


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