New artisan natural wines - available from September 2014!

Below are 5 “natural” wines new to our winelist. All exceptionally well made & of stellar quality. Small batch, hand harvested, unfiltered wines, using only indigenous live yeasts that have grown naturally on the grapes through the season of harvest. Organic in every sense. Like a poem – a true taste of the terroir they originated from, each with their own characteristics unlike any other wine. Supply is limited – another reason to make one of these the bottle you pick on your next visit to Seven Social.


Cantina Tollo, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo ‘Biologico’ (trebbiano) (white), Abruzzo, Italy   30

This delicate, fragrant wine was made from organically grown grapes, harvested by hand on gently rolling, sunny hills in Abruzzo. Pale straw yellow in colour with greenish tinges. Since it is not filtered, it might have some slight veiling. The fragrance is fruity, with subtle floral and mineral notes. Medium-bodied, delicate and savoury with an almond finish. Excellent as an aperitif and with all seafood dishes, white meats and fresh cheeses.


Cantina Tollo is an award winning winery & possibly the best co-operative winery in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Winner of “Best Wine Producer in Europe” at the Mundus Vini International Wine Awards 2010. People turn their noses up to wines produced in co-operatives as the grapes come from different vineyards, and in some cases, the quality of wine produced can leave a lot to be desired. But when searching for the best bang-for-your-buck from a quality/price ratio, you cannot do better than a well made co-operative wine! Co-operative wines routinely come in at a low price point. In some cases, such as with the award winning Cantina Tollo, you come across gems like this trebbiano that can rival any high end Italian white & them some, without the hefty price tag!


Dinavolino “vino bianco” (malvasia/marsanne/ortrugo) (orange), Emilia Romagna, Italy   38

By Giulio Armani

Orange wine is very rare. It is the result of following ancient winemaking techniques. For centuries it has been produced in Georgia & the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy in small quantities. It is rarely found on the international market. We are very excited to introduce Irish drinkers to orange wine!


This wine comes from Giulio’s small biodynamic vineyard. Having reached perfect ripeness, the grapes are hand-harvested and left to macerate with their skins for 7 to 10 weeks, giving the wine wonderful complexity, structure, a little bit of tannin and a light orange colour. Neither filtered nor fined, the slightly cloudy appearance leads to a floral nose with apple, and pear hints. The palate is richly layered and intense, with gorgeous apple and honeyed flavour wrapped in impeccable acidity and minerality.


Trinch! (cabernet franc) (red), Loire, France   34

By Pierre & Catherine Breton

Trinch!, Cabernet Franc in its happiest, most fruit-driven and mouthwatering form that you will ever find. The nose is clean and shows dark berries, plums and fruit of the forest, the palate is light to medium  and has a mouthwatering freshness. Delicious cherry and cranberry. A pleasure to drink!


The Bretons are international icons of the natural wine movement. This wine has organic & biodynamic certification. It is unfiltered & unfined. Only natural yeast that builds up on the grapes is used in the winemaking process – no chemical yeasts added at any stage!


Ciape (cortese) (white), Piemonte, Italy   32

By Valli Unite

The ‘Ciapé’ Cortese has lemon and citrus fruits initially, with a lightly leesy creaminess; then as the wine opens with air, it becomes fatter and more exotic, reminiscent of sun-warmed, just-picked apricots.


Valli Unite is a self-sustainable community of 25 people in rural northern Italy. The community/co-op was started 30 years ago by 3 men with the idea to live organically off the land alone. Of the 25 people in today’s community, each brings their own strengths and talents to the group: from vinegrowing and wine-making; to cheesemaking; to animal husbandry and butchery; to a small restaurant and shop selling their own produce. It truly is a unique way of life that is rarely found in modern society. Their wine is utterly drinkable & unlike anything we have tasted before.


La Stoppa Trebbiolo (barbera/bonarda) (red), Emilia Romagna, Italy   35

Trebbiolo Rosso is a natural wine matured in stainless steel tanks. The nose is fresh with cherry and red berries mingling with wilder notes. Lively and juicy, the palate bursts with sweet/sour morello cherries and hints of spices. In all, it is a lovely, fresh, lively and fruit-driven wine which is best enjoyed with a big plate of charcuterie, cheeses & air dried hams.


Elena Pantaleoni owns & tends the land on this 50-ha organically-tended estate where wild herbs grow freely between the rows and no chemical fertilizers, weed killers or pesticides are ever applied. Elena is widely regarded as the pioneer of top end Italian natural wines. All of her wines are exceptionally well made, with this particular wine standing out as a wonderful alternative to mainstream barbera’s!


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