Our head chef is from Donegal on the rural North-west coast of Ireland. She was raised in her family’s restaurant. The restaurant goes back 5 generations where it originally started out as a small place to buy fresh butter & milk. The milk was churned on site and came solely from their cows in the field behind the house. Her great-great grandmother was famous for her home baked scones, and so it soon became a place to buy fresh milk & baked goods.


When her grandmother was young, the front part of the house had turned into a small restaurant. This was passed from her grandmother, to her father. Emma was raised in a creative & exciting environment.

Before sustainable, organic & locally sourced produce was the way to go, her family were growing their own vegetables & flowers, slaughtering their own meat & eating only Irish.

Never giving in to frozen foods or buying from large scale suppliers.


When chips became popular in the 80’s, the restaurant made their own. Emma would have to stand out the back as a child manning the potato chipping machine. She didn’t realise it as a child, but as an adult she realises what a gem of a place it was.


After carving out a successful marketing career, she realised going back to her roots was the road to happiness. She has pride in being Irish & an interest in ancient Irish tradition & food culture. Ireland has amazing produce yet very few restaurants showcase it. Even fewer are based on genuine Irish cuisine.


This is at the core of what we are doing at Seven Social. We showcase Irish produce but also Irish cuisine, tying in the history & heritage of Ireland through the menu. Holding onto traditions, that in the past, incorporated food into everyday life & annual celebrations. We are telling the story of our history through the food we make.


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